Taps          download

Lyrics?  Nope, sorry.  Yes the song is 80's ish...most of our stuff is.  But in this case, Scott's guitar playing is extra melodic and the  
overall arrangement is very interesting.  So...Who Cares if there are no vocals?  Well....maybe you should?  
Want to take a crack at it?  Vocal melody, harmonics, or even the complete lyrical compilation.   You will, of course, get  
full credit if we like it and it fits the song.  We're really looking for some talent and original ideas.  
Send us your creative thinking.  Download the song, write and/or sing your ideas, and replay to our email address with your  
lyrical ideas, melodies, complete vocals or full-blown musical mix-down of "Taps".  We will post what we get and hope  
to hear some quality stuff!  Thx...